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Ho Ho Ho (does Jesus eat cake?)

Merry Christmas (to those of you who do that sort of thing) and for everyone else I say (the politically correct version), Ho Ho Ho!

Oh…and Happy Birthday Jesus!

I mean, it is his day.

Giggle On birthday dude!

Note:  Recovering Catholics like me can safely say “Giggle On” to Jesus and refer to him as a “dude” without fear of repercussions.

I wonder…if Jesus were here, in the flesh, and celebrating his birthday, would he eat cake?


Translation: What Kind of Cake Would Jesus Eat?

As you ponder that deep philosophical bakery question – take a look at my new Christmas Day holiday card! You like?

Notice the beautiful box of spiced wafer cookies? Uh-huh, you saw that right. Mom redeemed herself last night on Christmas Eve and gave me my OWN box of spiced wafer cookies. Yipppeee!!!!!!!

The evil fat Italian Ally Sheedy cookie envy ghost is dead. DEAD!

Don’t forget to get in on the Giggle On holiday poll and answer how YOU plan to get your Giggle On over the holiday!

Also, the Dollars for Comments campaign ends on the 28th. Get your comments in!

Merry Christmas and Ho Ho Ho to everyone!

Merry Christa-mas, Ooops SITSmas

This Christa-mas, ooops SITSmas card is going out to you Giggle On! and SITS fans early as part of the SITS (Secret is in the Sauce) Merry SITSmas Card Cheer Blitz and prize give-a-way.

[Did I get that right Tiffany and Heather?]

Sending out Christmas cards early is a mahvelous idea!

I call this my Retro Psycho Hallmark Christmas Moment.

Here I am doing my very best impression of Ally Sheedy’s character, Allison Reynolds, from the Breakfast Club, except, I’m the fatter Italian version.

Could I look any more irritated and evil?  If looks could kill, he woulda been D.E.A.D.

Why the puss face? What’s the deal-e-o?

My mother gave my brother a box of my favorite spiced wafer cookies for Christmas. My mother did NOT give me a box of cookies.

Why not me Mom? I loved those cookies too.C” is not just for cookie, it’s for “Christa” and it is good enough for me!!!

Cookie, cookie, cookie, I love “C”.

So…here we have a priceless family moment of pure envy and hatred caught on film.

Hallmark moment, wouldn’t you say?

Before I leave the “cookie incident” of the 80′s behind I beg you all to take note of the the mini pink stockings on the tree, the fuschia balls, the large pink stocking and the pink meshy stuff layered on top of the green garland on the mantel. The skirt around the base of the tree is also PINK and it’s trimmed in lace.

ARGH! I told you my mom had a thing for pink.

Merry Ho Ho and all that jazz to my Giggle On! readers and the sista’s from the SITS family.

I am accepting gifts of Spiced Wafers for Christmas.

Got cookies anyone? Bueller? Anyone?