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It’s a Giggle On Christmas

It is going to be a Giggle On Christmas for my family and friends this year thanks to my buddies at Archie McPhee.

Santa wasn’t immune from the recession (I hear he may be filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy) so the price-tag of the gifts wasn’t as big as last year. That’s ok because we plan to super-size smiles and laughs with items like:

Dashboard Jesus, Meatball shaped bubble gum, Crazy Cat Lady Action figure, Handerpants, bacon bandages, Nunzilla and…the creme-de-la-creme, Yodeling Pickle!

Check out some of my cool Archie McPhee loot close up in my on-the-fly video complete with a Yodeling Pickle demo. I planned to give the singing plastic brined cucumber to my nephew but I simply love it tooooo much to give it up.


Merry Christmas to my Christian friends and Buon Natale to my Italian buddies. I’m a big fan of Jesus (what a cool dude) and want to wish him a very Happy Birthday! I still don’t know whether or not Jesus ate cake on his birthday but this year I hope he enjoys listening to me play the pickle in His honor!

May you all have a blessed Christmas filled with love and laughter!!!


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