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Back in the Saddle Again, Overcoming Fear

A story of perseverance and overcoming fear

Useful growth occurs through facing obstacles. Liara Covert

I love when people share stories with me about perseverance and overcoming obstacles. The more good news we share with each other, the better life will be for everyone.

My friend Michelle is learning how to horseback ride. Michelle is an entrepreneur like me and like most self-employed folks, we find it challenging to find time for our own rest and relaxation. For Michelle, being on a horse is her R&R. It is her great escape from the responsibilities of work. Riding is her bliss, her freedom and her great joy.

Here’s Michelle in her Swarovski Giggle On shirt during our sushi hang out last week. Spicy tuna rolls and cosmos…so good together!

Being thrown from her horse

Months ago Michelle was thrown off her horse during a practice session where she was learning a move called “canter”.  Canter is “slower than a gallop but faster than a trot”.  Michelle was understandably was a bit concerned about getting back on and riding again. She wasn’t hurt physically, thank God, but she thought about all the bad things that could happen if she got back on her horse. Fear and doubt set in. Or, did she say fear and doubt rolled in and slapped her upside her face? I can’t recall.

She asked herself:

  • What if I am thrown off and seriously injured?
  • Am I being selfish for engaging in what some of my friends and family think is a dangerous sport and hobby?
  • What if I get killed while riding? How will my family cope?
  • What about all the people who depend on me like my husband, my mom and my employees?

Back in the Saddle Again

Michelle did not succumb to fear, self-doubt and judgment by others. She did not give up! She thought about the risks but decided she didn’t want fear to stop her from enjoying what she loves most, riding her horse. Michelle gathered up her courage, got back in the saddle and cantered like she never cantered before.

Here is the email story I received from Michelle on Thursday recounting her joy!


I had a great night riding. It was one of those pivotal moments when the sun, earth, sky, nerves, body, mind and soul all come together for one gleaming moment and you feel it and say it – I got it! As you know, I am not the most confident when doing the canter!

Well, tonight, I was in my canter. Horse bucked from the rear – not bad- just kicking up his heels a bit-nothing like before (the whole buck and rear you off my back episode)!

I rode through it and stayed in control…kudos for me!

I was, however, not getting him to stay on the outside rail (which means he was cantering in too close to the center of the ring—a big no-no)!

I stopped. My instructor, who is awesome by the way, said to me “Do it again. Keep him on the rail. Use your inside leg and your outside reign. Do not let him in the center. You can do it!”‘

I used my leg. I used my reign. I used my mind. I used everything that was in me and in that one moment I was a RIDER with complete control. I did it and I felt it.

It was amazing. I cannot tell you the rush and the complete sense of accomplishment within that one moment in time. I will cherish it forever!

Life is full of these little blessings, even if just for a moment. Don’t ever forget that!

Cheers Michelle and congratulations to you for embodying the “Don’t Give Up! Giggle On!” spirit. I am so proud of you. I am honored to know you. Happy Cantering!

To share your story of perseverance and overcoming, please click here to send me an email. I would love to hear from you.

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Entrepreneur, Egomaniac, Raging Bitch or Outright Crazy?

Entrepreneur: Egomaniac, Raging Bitch or Just Outright Crazy?

For those of you that may think I’m an egomaniac, raging bitch or just outright crazy to own and manage my own business, let me share with you some of my thoughts and perspective about being an entrepreneur.  Entrepreneurs are a very special breed of people.

1.   I risk my own money, my house, my future earnings and reputation on my business. I’m on the hook for a whole lot of money and I take that real seriously. No one likes or sets out to fail. I intend to succeed.

2.   I am extremely motivated and passionate. Don’t fault me for it. I’ve probably helped get you your job, help keep you in your job, may hire you in the future or loan you some cash.

3.   I work a lot. I am no 9-5-er. I eat and sleep my business. Why? Refer to number 1, 2 & 4.  Would I love a vacation? Damn straight I would. Anybody have a shore house for rent?

4.   I control my own destiny. This is important because it is empowering. Got empowerment? If not, get some, it is good stuff.

5.   I am responsible for my company’s image, the cash flow, expansion, liquidity and daily operations. Things don’t just “happen” without effort and labor (as much as I wished it otherwise).

6.   Considering most new businesses fail within 18 months of starting, I’m pretty pleased I’m still kicking 8 years later. That counts for something.

7.   I accept the accomplishment and failures of the business. I thank God for the accomplishments and failures because I learn something either way. (I prefer accomplishments though.)

8.   I am always looking for ways to do things better. Get over it. The day I stop trying to improve myself, my operation and my life is the day after I’m dead (even then, I’ll still be trying to progress in the afterlife).

9.   If you screw up, I will tell you. Why? See 1.  Everyone makes mistakes, I have had my fair share but accountability is fundamental in the business world. Accountability goes both ways – I am accountable to my clients, my employees, my business partner and my other customers. If I screw up, THEY WILL tell me too.