Victor Hugo

Quotes to Inspire You to Laugh More

Be Inspired to Laugh More Making the decision to Laugh More in this lifetime requires commitment, practice and passion. Everyone needs inspiration to set and reach goals, to life more fully and throw away the shackles of fear. Our Most Favorite Quotes Here is a list of our most favorite quotes on laughter, joy and play. We hope these inspire…

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Pope In Philly

You’ve probably already heard. Pope Francis is making his first trip to Philadelphia. I couldn’t be more excited to get my Pope On in Philly this fall. Got My Pope On in Rome Last November I was blessed to see Pope Francis in St. Peter’s Square in Rome. I got this close. No. The photo isn’t doctored. No filters. No nothing….

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11 Tips

11 Tips to Bust Stress

Stress. We’ve all got it. Some of it is good stress. Some of it is nasty, bad and chronic. In How to Be Chronically Stressed Out we sarcastically and snarkily outlined 8 recommendations to help you become a magnet of toxicity. Our reactions to stressors (drinking, drugging, over-eating) often make life worse. Been there. Done that. According to the American Psychological…

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laughter pass

Yo Philly! Get Your Laughter Pass!

Are you managing your stress or is stress managing you? Philly can be HOT and oppressive in the summer. Not everyone can get to the Jersey shore for R&R. If you need to CTL-ALT-DEL your brain, break loose, have fun, laugh, learn fun ways to beat stress and make new friends, Laugh More Stress Less is just what the doctor…

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I Will Listen

Reflections from “I Will Listen”

Reflections from our nation’s first “I Will Listen” event Philadelphians and tourists alike piled into Love Park on Tuesday, June 3, 2014, for the city’s first ever “I Will Listen” fair, a gathering of like minded mental health advocates pledging to listen to those who suffer from mental illness. Kiosks and activities lined the sidewalks around the famous LOVE statue…

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